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1. Why are you doing RPGs?
Because it's fun. Simple as that. XD
To be more clear: You can be whoever you want but in the end you'll always be yourself. It's a good way to get to know yourself better.

2. Which rule system (like D&D or the dark eye) are you playing the most
The dark eye (maybe soon WH 40k)

3. Powergamer or Storyteller?
Storyteller. Even though I suck at descriptions myself I love the storyloaded arcs more. Dungeon-crawling and monster-slaying can be intresting too but I love character developement and the such. GIMME STORY!

4. do you like to be a hero or a normal person
The most fun heros are normal people who are thrown in a situation, where they have to be the hero. xD
My characters are always rather weak but kind-heartet and trying to do the right. XD They are heros but they didn't really choose to be.

5. do you play the most time your own gender?
yes. Every DM I met (only two, though) prefers if the people play their own gender. It is also easier to identify with :>

6. Why your playing an other/your gender, if you do?
I don't. But I could. And if I was allowed I would do it because why the hell not? xD

7. Wich sexuality has your charakter?
Hetero sexual... except for Delilah who is a Rahja-Priestess and does not care for gender.
(tl;dr: Rahja is the goddess of Lust and Joy)

8. do you play humans, dwarfs, elvs, something different or all races?
Most of the time I play humans.
I do play one dwarf and it is a lot of fun. xD I love it! :>
Haven't really looked into The dark eye elves yet. But I heard they are pretty boring :T (If I could make Tilia into an elf to play I would do it in an instant xD)

9. Wich is your favorit platform (P&P(laptop and mouse^^), LARP, PC, Chat)?
P&P. it is quite fun. xD sitting in a group listening how the others play their characters.
I do like PC games too.
From time to time I enjoy a little chat RPG. Most of the time silly little dialogs which have nothing to do with the story. xD
I also like to play in private forums, but that rarely happens.

10. Do you like to play somthing what´s near your Reallife?
I'm not sure I get the question. The characters are from a fantasy setting, so I can't really say they are very near to my Reallife.

11. Fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, sci-fi or our world?
Fantasy, soon to be sci-fi-fantasy (I guess)

12. Are you playing charakters with mental diseases?
... no. Since I don't have mental disease I have no idea how to play one. I would never do that except for MAYBE a little bit hyper.

13. Do you like to give your charakter phobias?
yes. XD It is always good to give the character phobias since you have a point-system while creating them (giving them disadvanteges and giving them advanteges, complicated stuff)
Hafwen does have Arachnophobia (but she didn't chicken out while she was in front of a giant spider. Good roll on my phobia xD)
Bora has a fear of hights and agoraphobia
Another one is afraid of snakes.

14. Do you think handicaps are for roleplaying, background or to get points?
As I said before you need to give your character handicaps if you want to get points for advanteges.
They also help to create a background to the charakter.
Wynne for example is afraid of snakes because she fell in the cage of a giant snake while she was a child.
Bora is talking to herself because she once got lost and was afraid of the dark and the loneliness. She still clinges to that habit when she is alone or afraid.
On the other side, Hafwens fear of Spiders is nothing special. Spiders are just disgusting and that fear is used for the points. xD

15. Wich kind of adventures, or plots do you like (detectiv, fighting, roleplay, sandbox, dungeon, wilderness)
I LOVE detective adventures. I also like Roleplay. Sandboxing can be fine too... since most of my characters are neither fighting nor wilderness characters... I prefer them not. But I do like them too. XD
Ah, I like them all!

16. What kind of worlds do you like complete fantastic, reality near or something else?
Hm... intresting question. I do like fantasy that is logical and has rules. Uh, hard to explain. XD

17. Do you like to play everytime something completly different or near the same (charakter and plots)?
As for the plots I like to have diffrent plots or else it will be boring one day. xD
My characters grow very dear to me and I love to play them. I would cry if one of them dies and I really fear that it might happen :T
(really if Hafwen or Bora die, I'm going to cry. I don't want to imagine what the other guys will think. But... uh... there is a diffrence if I decide to kill my characters or a DM is killing them... I want them to have happy endings)

18. Do you like to write a background for your character or just simply play the charakter?
... oh. well xD I love to think about my characters background. They are not always complete at the beginning but slowly grow and become more concrete but... for example I did have a good idea about Hafwens background.
- very strong willed and rebllious
- didn't want to marry an noble or another merchant, just for the reason of a better deal
- her relationship to her siblings, parents and grandparents were pretty clear
I had an idea, a sketch you could say, but just lately we played the actual day of her departure. Her to-be husband wasn't very nice, an arrogant noble-man (and she despites nobles) who wanted to break her hands so she wouldn't be able to play a music instrument any more.
I'm pretty sure he would have removed her tounge too if he knew that she could use magic to make her singing better. Anway she broke with her family and ran away.
So, I do like to think of a background but the details only come with time. xD I love this. This way the characters grow, slowly and you get to know them better!

19. Is there a RPG-System you would love to try out?
... not really. Isn't it enough to know ONE complicated system? XD Oh way I would love to try Dungeons and Dragons one day :D

20. Is there a RPG-System you would never play?
Rats. I don't think it's intresting.

21. And finally: why the hell are you answering this questions instead of doing RPGs ^^?
Because I need my group to play RPG, but I can answer these questions alone :>
RPG Meme by :icondurfraenky: can be found here

I just thought this is intresting so I decided to do it.
Damn my obsession with my RPG Characters.

I should concentrate on other things, but this was fun. XD
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LovgrenO Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
I wish I had someone to play DnD or something like that with. Preferably something where I play as a dwarf of course. WH 40k sounds fun too, just because it's so silly and crazy.
konfuse Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad I started to play. It is quite diffrent to just draw them, even though it is quite similar to some art challenges.
But meeting with people & playing is a diffrent kind of fun.

Actually we didn't had the chance to play WH40k up until now, might never get the chance :/
But I guess it is too weird for me XD
LovgrenO Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Creating a little story in the company of a few friends sounds like the best part of it.
konfuse Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:nod: true. But it can be also stressful and frustrating.
Still fun.
durfraenky Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
ich wollte auch immer charakter entwicklung aber unser meister hat unsere charakter ständig umgebracht (auch die die wir vergleichsweise lange hatten) deswegen fange ich jetzt an zu meistern (is auch doof dann kann ich nicht spielen aber naja)
zur 10 ist mehr ein problem für Handwerker in DSA würde ich nie einen handwerker spielen (höchstens eine runentätowiererin) weil es ist in DSA zu nah am echten leben und ich weiß wie langweilig das ist^^. es war auch gemeint das man z.b. Jähzorn nimmt weil man im RL auch jähzornig ist.

zur 14. ich will immer sooooooo viele schlechte eigenschaften nehmen und darf nur so wenige nehmen :(

alles in allem wie immer interessant^^
konfuse Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
uh. XD; Ich finde es schrecklich, wenn ich höre "ja, nach 5000 AP generieren wir neue Charas und fangen von vorne an". Man bleibt zwar schön niedriglevelig, was durchaus auch Spaß macht aber es dauert auch eine gewisse Zeit, bis man sich wirklich eingespielt hat.

Da hatte ich Glück mit den Meistern, bzw der ganzen Gruppe. xD Wir spielen sehr fluffig.

Ach so! Nun ja, ich spiele eine zwergische Handwerkerin. XD Weil die Technologie in Aventurien so anders ist als in unserer Welt, dass es durchaus eine gewisse Kreativität braucht. Dazu kommt die fremde Rasse und schon ist es wieder fantastisch genug.

Hm, ich denke es ist so wie ich es gesagt habe, am Ende ist der Char einem immer ähnlich, weil man einfach so spielt. xD Variation ist immer möglich aber am Ende spielt man immer einen Teil von sich selbst.

Ja. xDDDD Mir ist es bisher ein mal passiert, dass ich zu viele schlechte Eigenschaften nehmen wollte, um meine positiven Eigenschaften auszugleichen. Aber zum Glück ist das geregelt. xDD

Vielen Dank :)
Bug-Off Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely game play habits.
konfuse Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much :)

I just a tad too invested in it. I keep forgetting about other stuff.
Ah, other times will come.
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